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2013 Page 2

  • Local Agency Formation Commissions 101: A primer for Special Districts on the powers and responsibilities of LAFCOsSeptember 18, 2013LAFCOs have vast powers, but many are rarely exercised. This presentation focuses on the various ways that your LAFCO can assist and affect your special district. The municipal service review process and its importance will be detailed. The presentation will also emphasize who and how a proposal to take over a special district can be initiated and completed, and how a special district can oppose ... read more
  • Mastering the Map ActMay 17, 2013This program will acquaint you with the scope and implications of the Subdivision Map Act and the different roles played by attorneys in the mapping and development process. How should you advise developers and subdividers or public agencies reviewing applications under the Act? What should you look for in reviewing subdivision proceedings for local agencies? Our speakers discuss the Act's legal requirements, map approval process, ... read more
  • Update on Assessment Requirements Under Proposition 218January 1, 1970Join us for this informative session on updated assessment requirements under Proposition 218.
  • IMLA Teleconference – Utility Franchises: Do you Know What’s in the Ground in Your City?April 18, 2013All cities and counties have utilities, their operations usually go unnoticed, are old systems, and are not being regularly maintained and repaired. Most cities have not reviewed their franchise agreements with their utilities and several of these franchise agreements do not include the requirement that the utility provide a safe system. This teleconference will explore lessons learned from the PG&E explosion in San Bruno: the ... read more
  • Preparing for a Hearing and Working with Your AdvocateApril 10, 2013Are you in an environment where you often seem to be headed for a grievance or personnel board hearing? Are you prepared for anything that may come your way? Well fear not! Come to this session to learn from the experts on how to help prepare for hearings, and to position your agency for a successful outcome. Learn what to expect before (for example, preparing ... read more
  • CEQA: Past, Present and FutureMarch 20, 2013This session will provide an overview of CEQA divided into three main topic areas and focusing on issues faced by special districts. First, CEQA basics - a review of the main tenets of the law, and strategies for dealing with common difficulties. Second, current issues - a review of recent important new cases and legislation and their impact on implementing CEQA's legal requirements. Third, the ... read more
  • What Would You Do If? – Special District Board Secretary/Clerk ConferenceMarch 1, 2013This session is your chance to get your questions answered! Selected questions submitted by conference attendees will be reviewed by our expert panel.
  • Staying in Compliance – Special District Board Secretary and Clerk ConferenceMarch 1, 2013Join us for this informative session on updates to Special District laws.
  • IMLA Teleconference – First Amendment Issues of the DayFebruary 28, 2013This teleconference will cover the hot legal issues surrounding the First Amendment. Among the issues discussed will be the Occupy Movement, which blew through the country last year challenging the capacity of city officials to find the right balance between the city’s police powers and the Occupy Movement’s First Amendment rights.
  • Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle: Properly Handling Stop Payment Notices, A to ZFebruary 25, 2013California's Coalition for Adequate School Housing's 34th Annual Conference.