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2014 Page 2

  • Board Member Compensation Rules: Salaries, Healthcare, PERS & Expense ReimbursementsSeptember 30, 2014This session will address compensation, health care, expense reimbursements and other perks of being a board member, including when it is necessary to report gifts and meals to the FPPC. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the limits on compensation, gifts and what perks a board member can accept and what perks may create conflicts or be impermissible.
  • Panhandling & Prayer: Regulating Conduct Under Recent Case LawSeptember 4, 2014Panhandling regulations and legislative invocations - once considered a relatively settled area of constitutional law came under significant scrutiny as a result of the Due Process revolution of the 1960s. Since then, the Supreme Court has attempted to balance First Amendment protections and the government’s desire to achieve policy interests. Discussions focus on: panhandling regulations and legislative invocations, the origins of Supreme Court jurisprudence and ... read more
  • What’s New at PERB? Recent Developments and Key PERB DecisionsJune 16, 2014This presentation covers recent developments in PERB law and procedure, including: (1) PERB decisions that your agency needs to know about; (2) pending legislation that could impact your agency; (3) new policies and procedures that impact case processing; and (4) an update about the ongoing litigation regarding the scope of AB 646 factfinding. Meyers Nave invites you to view this previously recorded webinar.
  • Brown Act, Conflict of Interest and Public Records Act in CaliforniaJune 13, 2014If you're involved with a public entity or if you represent the media, you need to know the ins and outs of federal and state public records and open meetings laws. Find out what California law has to say about balancing the public's right to information with the individual's right to privacy. Join us for this seminar and you will get updates on recent developments ... read more
  • Administrative Hearing Procedures and PracticeJune 12, 2014Your client comes to you with a pending adjudicatory hearing before an agency—a hearing that could significantly impact the client’s business or personal interests. What do you do? Administrative hearings can arise in many different contexts—the suspension of professional and vocational licenses, nuisance abatement, zoning and land use permits, fair hearings before the Department of Developmental Services, and hearings before the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, ... read more
  • Nuts and Bolts of an EEO LawsuitMay 1, 2014An informative session covering the anatomy of an EEO lawsuit during the 2014 Western Region IPMA-HR Annual Conference.
  • Employee Investigations and DisciplineApril 30, 2014Investigations of employee misconduct in the workplace are more complex and “high stakes” than ever. Human resource professionals are confronted with new allegations such as workplace bullying, in addition to well-established areas of misconduct: discrimination, harassment and retaliation, insubordination, dishonesty, substance abuse and other misconduct. All require prompt and thorough investigations. This workshop will provide a step-by-step guide of how to effectively investigate or manage ... read more
  • Key Contract Language Issues That Can Haunt You (and) Negotiation Strategies: Dealing with Multiple Bargaining UnitsApril 29, 2014Concurrent sessions during the NPELRA 43rd Annual Training Conference.
  • Advanced Issues in Public Sector DisciplineApril 25, 2014An informative panel discussion covering advanced issues in public sector discipline during the 31st Annual Meeting and 20th Annual Public Sector Conference (combined). 
  • Sign Regulations and the First Amendment: Navigating Recent Developments in the LawApril 24, 2014This presentation discusses recent developments in the law of sign regulations concerning the monetization of billboards. Meyers Nave invites you to view this previously hosted webinar.