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  • Public Contracting Requirements and Competitive Bidding in CaliforniaJuly 11, 2019This seminar will review the key issues and trade-offs at each stage of a California public works construction project. Starting with selection of a project delivery method, the seminar will move through the life cycle of a project including professional services agreements, prequalification and best value selection, key construction contract terms, limiting liability and risk transfers, labor compliance, liquidated damages, disputes, statutory claim procedures, close-out ... read more
  • May Public Officials Block or Regulate Participation on Social Media Accounts?May 1, 2019Elected officials and government entities are becoming more accessible and connected to constituents through social media. The 21st century question is what may government entities and elected officials do and not do to block or otherwise regulate the public’s participation in their social media accounts? Part of the answer to that question was underway on March 26 when a three-judge panel for the U.S. Court ... read more
  • At-Large vs. District-Based Elections: Legal Challenges, Financial Risks and Compliance ProceduresMarch 19, 2019Public agencies across California are facing a wave of demand letters threatening litigation if they do not change their at-large elections (all voters can vote on all candidates) to district-based elections, which requires creating district maps that separate the public entity into defined geographic areas from which that area elects a representative. Further, if public agencies do not switch to district elections, the California Voting ... read more
  • Employee Confidentiality: What Can (and Can’t) Employers Disclose and To Whom?March 13, 2019All employers must balance the desire for transparency with the legal requirements of employee confidentiality. Simply keeping mum about all personnel issues can undermine morale and create workplace stress. HR professionals and managers who possess confidential employee information need to know what information they cannot share, as well as what they can, and should, disclose and to whom. At the annual HR West Conference in ... read more
  • Identifying, Preventing and Addressing Ethical Challenges Faced By City ManagersFebruary 14, 2019Please join Meyers Nave Principal Camille Hamilton Pating, Chair of the Workplace Investigations Practice, for her general session keynote presentation on “Ethical Issues that Most Frequently Entrap City Managers” during the League of California Cities’ City Managers Conference on February 14 in San Diego. The City Managers Conference provides city managers, assistant managers, and county chief administrative officers with leadership skills training, professional development workshops, ... read more
  • How Cities and Counties are Addressing Homelessness: A Panel of Experts Shares Solutions and InsightsFebruary 6, 2019In association with the Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area, Meyers Nave is proud to host a panel discussion in our Oakland office on the topic of addressing homelessness in California. On February 6 from 6-8 PM, Meyers Nave Principal and City Attorney of San Leandro, Richard Pio Roda, will be joined by four expert colleagues to explore different approaches that California cities ... read more
  • How Do Municipalities Comply with the FCC’s New Rule on Small Cell Wireless Deployment?January 30, 2019California municipalities are constantly faced with a changing regulatory framework related to the next generation of wireless services, known as 5G, which requires installing vast numbers of small cell equipment. These new networks present completely different local regulatory issues than the 3G and 4G networks of the past, which involved constructing large towers with a coverage range of a few miles. Supporting advanced 4G and ... read more
  • Ethics and Environmental Law 2019January 15, 2019You are invited to join Meyers Nave Principal Josh Bloom for a comprehensive review of ethics considerations related to environmental law in a program hosted by the Environmental Law Section of the Bar Association of San Francisco. Environmental law practitioners face unique ethics dilemmas that can be particularly complex when matters involve multiple parties and have the potential to trigger civil and criminal considerations. Available via ... read more
  • CEQA Update: New Laws on Streamlining, Exemptions and Special Legislation for Expediting the CEQA ProcessJanuary 10, 2019CEQA compliance is often the biggest source of time delays and litigation risk for project development. Staying on top of significant developments in the law is critical to successfully moving projects forward. On January 10, Meyers Nave Principals Tim Cremin and Shaye Diveley will present a 1.5 hour MCLE seminar that covers: New statutory changes and judicial decisions Latest environmental review streamlining efforts for development ... read more