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2011 Page 3

  • Restraining Orders: Public Access versus Employee SafetyApril 14, 2011This session is part of the three-day Civil Law and Litigation 2011 Annual Conference. Public entities are increasingly finding themselves in situations where they need to file for temporary restraining orders (TRO).   Access to public buildings and meetings have been open to civic-minded citizens who actively participate in their local government.  However, when these individuals become agitated and public employees feel threatened, local governments must ... read more
  • Planning a November 2011 Revenue Measure: How to Ask Residents for Additional Revenue During the Toughest Economy in GenerationsApril 11, 2011Nearly every California city is struggling to provide its citizens the same city services with less money. Many assume in the current economy additional revenue isn’t a feasible solution, but with the right planning and proposal, your voters will respond favorably.In fact, voters in cities throughout the State have supported local tax measures to protect and maintain local services.
  • Fundamentals of Land-Secured FinancingMarch 24, 2011March 24: California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC), Emeryville, CA Sam Sperry, Program Co-Chair, and other public finance professionals will cover the following sessions in this full-day program. Basic Structure of Assessment and Community Facilities Districts - This session provides background information on requirements, eligibility, exactions, benefit findings and “reasonableness” determinations of assessment district versus community facilities district financings. Pre-Formation Considerations - This session ... read more