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2013 Page 3

  • The Finance Officer’s Role in Labor RelationsFebruary 20, 2013The fiscal impact of bargaining agreements is an important factor in maintaining structural fiscal balance in local governments. This session will focus on what the finance officer must know to effectively participate in formulating and carrying out their government's labor relations strategies. Presenters will cover key practices for structuring negotiations, modeling the cost of proposals, and reaching win-win outcomes. This session will also address how to ... read more
  • The Time Has Come! PEPRA Is Here, Now What Do We Do About It?February 5, 2013PEPRA is here and now that the new pension law has taken effect, agencies need to make sure they are complying. They also need to understand the implications of continued ambiguities and legal questions surrounding this new law. Attend our complimentary seminar, "The Time Has Come! PEPRA Is Here, Now What Do We Do About It?," on Tuesday, February 5th at noon for an informative discussion on ... read more
  • Your Legal Powers and Obligations – New Mayors & Council Members AcademyJanuary 16, 2013You were elected to make things happen in your city. Learn the sources of your powers as a city official and the limitations on those powers. Gain a basic understanding of the legal authorities and restrictions under which cities and city officials operate with a focus on the Brown Act.