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What’s New in Workplace Misconduct Training Programs After #MeToo?

The #MeToo movement revealed that traditional workplace misconduct training that focused on technical legal compliance did not have the intended effect of preventing or stopping inappropriate workplace behaviors. Meyers Nave has created innovative and top-rated new training programs that enhance workplace culture, incorporate a practical approach and reflect modern workplace scenarios and issues. Our highly-requested programs are designed to provide employees with the awareness, knowledge and tools needed to thrive in today’s complex workplace.

Our new training programs cover a wide range of workplace conduct issues, including:

  • Harassment and Bullying Prevention
  • Recognizing and Minimizing Implicit Bias
  • How to Have Inclusive Conversations about Difficult Issues
  • Promoting a Respectful Workplace
  • Bystander Intervention Training

Our training programs are tailored to the unique workforces and workplaces of individual employers and we incorporate each employer’s specific policies, procedures and practices into the key components of the training. Training is designed with half-day and full-day options that allow employers to select and combine workshops that are best aligned with an employer’s unique organization, special workforce and areas of interest. We also provide training programs that are linked to helping employers create, rollout, enhance and implement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs and initiatives. Another option utilized by many employers is to design the half-day option to consist of one general employee training program followed by a leadership team meeting to discuss next steps and issues of particular concern revealed during the training.

New California laws in response to #MeToo create additional requirements for employers that are designed to address sexual harassment and gender discrimination and remove some underlying structural issues that have enabled this environment to develop and persist in the workplace. Employers must adapt to the lessons learned and new expectations for effective harassment prevention policies, credible investigations and relevant training programs. Meyers Nave is helping employers leverage #MeToo as an opportunity to create a more inclusive and civil workplace culture that helps prevent harassment from occurring and makes it more likely to be reported when it does occur. The two articles below provide legal insight and practical advice from our workplace investigation and workplace conduct training attorneys.


For more information about our new training programs, please contact:

Camille Hamilton Pating, Principal and Chair of our Workplace Investigations Practice, cpating@meyersnave.com or 800.464.3559.