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Top 10 Compliance Questions from Special District Board Secretaries and Clerks

Meyers Nave attorneys Richard Pio Roda and Alex Mog recently presented “Staying in Compliance: Understanding Fundamental Special District Laws” at the 2020 California Special Districts Association’s virtual Board Secretary/Clerk Conference. From the questions asked during and after the program, Rich and Alex created a Top 10 Compliance Q&A reference sheet to help keep Special Districts up-to-date on issues that are of greatest concern to Board secretaries and clerks. The information in the Q&A reference sheet is provided as answers to general questions and different factual scenarios may generate different answers. Please consult an attorney to obtain legal advice for your unique situation. If you need legal assistance, please contact Rich (rpioroda@meyersnave.com) and Alex (amog@meyersnave.com).

Click here for the Top 10 Compliance Q&A reference sheet, which answers:

  1. How should public comment be conducted during virtual meetings?
  2. Can Boards vote via email to add urgent items to posted agendas?
  3. Are meetings between Board members and the General Manager subject to the Brown Act? Are there limits on Board members making public comments?
  4. What happens when there is a vacancy on the Board? Can the Board continue to operate normally when a vacancy occurs?
  5. Is the Board held legally accountable to its approved policy or rule?
  6. Are scholarships to attend educational offerings required to be disclosed as gifts?
  7. Do mass mailing restrictions apply to the district and/or an agency supported by the district?
  8. Is the Board liable if Form 700 is filled out incorrectly or incompletely?
  9. Must compensation increases for an Executive Director take place in open session?
  10. What new teleconferencing rules were established in Governor Newsom’s COVID-19 Brown Act Executive Orders signed in March?