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What’s New in California’s Density Bonus Law?

California’s Density Bonus Law provides housing developers with tools to encourage the development of affordable and senior housing. The California Legislature recently passed legislation that provides for an 80% density bonus to be granted to 100% affordable housing projects, the largest density bonus ever required under California law. That legislation, Assembly Bill 1763, also requires other benefits to be provided to 100% affordable projects which allows them to be built denser and taller than under prior law. The changes will be particularly helpful to affordable housing projects that qualify for federal and state low income housing tax credits, which are the types of housing projects most often developed as 100% affordable.

Meyers Nave Senior Of Counsel Jon Goetz outlined these legislative changes in his article published in the March 2020 issue of North County Lawyer. Please click here to read his article. These legislative changes are also included in the 2020 update of Jon’s Guide to the California Density Bonus Law. Please click here to read or print out the 2020 Guide. If you have questions about the Density Bonus Law or information in the Guide, please contact Jon Goetz at 800.464.3559 or jgoetz@meyersnave.com.