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SB 743 & VMT – CEQA Implementation and Issues for Agencies and Developers

Beginning July 1, 2020, SB 743 requires the analysis of transportation impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to be based on vehicle miles traveled (VMT) rather than level of service (LOS). This is a significant change in the way transportation analysis traditionally has been conducted under CEQA. The requirement for VMT analysis presents challenging issues for public agencies relating to the adoption and implementation of VMT standards. It will impact how CEQA review is conducted for all types of land use and transportation projects. This webinar addresses how the change to VMT will affect both public agencies and the development community.

On May 21, Meyers Nave Principals Tim Cremin and Shaye Diveley presented a 1 hour webinar exploring the key issues relating to VMT analysis under CEQA, including the following:

  • Criteria for “screening out” VMT analysis for projects
  • Standards for establishing VMT significance thresholds for different land uses
  • Policies, programs and mitigation measures for reducing VMT impacts
  • Main challenges presented by VMT analysis
  • Practice pointers for navigating VMT issues