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Recreational Marijuana is Legal in California: Now What? A Guide for Moving Forward from the Passage of Proposition 64

The Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) creates a licensing and regulatory system for nonmedical marijuana activities, both personal and commercial, including the imposition of taxes on commercial sales and cultivation of nonmedical marijuana. The regulatory structure is similar to the one created under the Medical Cannabis Regulatory and Safety Act passed in 2015. While many cities and counties have ordinances or other regulations governing medical marijuana, such ordinances and regulations may be insufficient to cover nonmedical marijuana governed by AUMA. AUMA allows substantial local control over the regulation of public consumption, outdoor cultivation, and commercial marijuana activities.

The webinar provides an overview of Proposition 64, an explanation of the impact that the new law will have on local governments and private businesses involved in commercial marijuana activities, and other key points.