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SB 9 And The “End of Single Family Zoning” in California: What You Need To Know

Governor Newsom recently signed SB 9 into law which takes effect in January 2022, requiring cities and counties to ministerially approve certain two-unit projects and lot splits. Under the law, if a lot split is followed by the development of a two-unit project on each lot, four units could be built on what was previously a single-family residential parcel. The new law allows local agencies to adopt objective standards to govern these types of projects, yet imposes restrictions on what agencies can require, including limits on parking and setback requirements. Additionally, in order to qualify for a two-unit development or lot split, parcels must meet certain criteria under the law.

The practical impact of SB 9 is that local agencies will lose significant local authority related to development of property in single family zoning districts.

Join Meyers Nave as they explore key issues related to SB 9 including:

  • What parcels qualify for a two-unit development or lot split
  • Criteria for approving SB 9 projects
  • Discretion retained by local agencies to restrict and regulate SB 9 projects

The webinar covered additional housing legislation signed by the Governor, including SB 8.