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California’s New Affordable Housing Laws – New Methods for Streamlining Housing Approvals (Part Two)

Governor Brown signed 15 bills into law on September 29, 2017 that are designed to help address California’s affordable housing crisis. The approved bills take different approaches to the housing shortage in California, including providing more funding for affordable housing development, streamlining local government approval of housing projects, restoring local government’s authority to impose inclusionary housing requirements on private housing developers, and strengthening the state’s anti-NIMBY laws.

The new laws have broad implications and obligations for local municipalities, housing related public agencies, and the private developer community. To help explain the new affordable housing regulatory landscape, Meyers Nave is offering a complimentary, three-part webinar series addressing the most critical issues under the new laws. In the first part of our series recorded on January 11, we discussed SB 2, SB 3, AB 1505, AB 1598, and approaches being taken by local governments, including bond measures in Bay Area counties and a linkage fee in the City of Los Angeles.

Second Webinar: New Methods for Streamlining Housing Approvals

This webinar discusses the following topics:

  • SB 35 – Streamlined Approval Process for Housing Projects
  • SB 540 – Workforce Housing Opportunity Zones
  • AB 73 – Housing Sustainability Districts
  • Using Existing Planning and CEQA Tools to Streamline Approval Process for Housing Projects