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Employment Law and Freedom of Speech: What Can and Can’t Employers Do When Employees Express Their Political, Cultural, and Social Views?

Employees have become increasingly vocal in expressing their political, cultural, and social views on- and off-duty. How can employers protect employee freedoms while maintaining a welcoming workplace, limiting discord and division, and preserving the organization’s values and reputation? These questions have been top-of-mind for employers, as employee self-expression has increased in volume and intensity with recent high-profile movements and events, including #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and the violent storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Meyers Nave attorneys Arlene Yang and David Mehretu will provide a webinar to help private and public employers navigate this nuanced legal arena and its complex practical considerations.

The Webinar Covers:

  • First Amendment and employment law
  • Special concerns of public employers, especially concerning public safety employees
  • Social media policies
  • Policies and litigation regarding workplace attire
  • Collective bargaining and the National Labor Relations Act
  • California laws prohibiting retaliation for engaging in political activity
  • Intricacies of internal message boards and discussion groups
  • Challenges regulating employee self-expression in the work from home environment