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Workplace Investigations

For more than 10 years, our Workplace Investigations attorneys have been conducting independent and thorough investigations for employers facing serious allegations of workplace misconduct. We have conducted more than 250 investigations for public entities, businesses and non-profit organizations throughout California. We specialize in sensitive, high-stakes matters that involve the leadership ranks of an organization — elected government officials, Board members, executive officers and management team members, and key personnel including police and fire chiefs, university faculty, and school administrators.

Meyers Nave is well known for handling investigations of alleged conduct that is front-page news or is likely to become a headline during or after the investigation. Our attorney-investigators draw on unique backgrounds, which include serving as a Fair Political Practices Commissioner, Deputy City Attorney, Civil Service Commissioner, and Ethics Commissioner. We also incorporate legal knowledge and practical perspectives from our experience as litigators, advisors, and trainers in employment law.

Our expertise covers virtually every type of current and emerging workplace misconduct allegation, including implicit bias, bullying and abusive conduct, substance abuse, hostile work environment, harassment, discrimination retaliation, and matters alleging fraud, financial misappropriation, conflicts of interest, ethics violations, social media policy compliance, and other internal affairs investigations. In addition to conducting investigations, our attorney-investigators advise on and supervise internal employer investigations to assure compliance with state and federal laws.

As attorneys who also represent clients in employment litigation, we know how to conduct independent investigations and prepare reports that will withstand scrutiny and credibly serve in a courtroom, arbitration or public domain. Our goal is to provide a reliable understanding of the facts based on an objective investigation. The guiding purpose of our investigations is to enable clients to determine, and to help us advise on, the consequences that may be expected from the matter under investigation.

Our team’s investigation principles are professionalism and impartiality with a non-prosecutorial approach.