California Employer’s Legal Update: Summary of New Laws Effective January 1, 2024

Following our annual Employment Law Update webinars for Private Sector and Non-Profit Employers, and Public Entity Employers, our Labor & Employment Team provides a summary of their 2024 Employment Law Update detailing new and evolving laws for all types of employers.

This 2024 Employment Law Update covers the following new laws effective January 1, 2024:

  • Reproductive Loss Leave for Employees (SB 848) by Nadia Bermudez
  • Federal Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act by Corrin Phillip
  • Paid Sick Leave Now At Least 5 Days (SB 616)
  • Minimum Wage
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Program (SB 553) by Janine Braxton
  • Presumption of Retaliation (SB 497) by Jesse Lad
  • Increased Minimum Wage for Health Care Workers (SB 525) by Nicole Ries Fox
  • Fast Food Minimum Wage Increase (AB 1228) by Nicole Ries Fox
  • Food Handler Cards (SB 476) by Nicole Ries Fox
  • Ban on Noncompete Agreements & Notice Requirements (SB 699, AB 1076) by Suzanne Roten
  • Arbitration Enforcement (SB 365) by Corrin Phillip
  • Off-Duty Cannabis Use & Drug Test Results (AB 2188 & SB 700) by Neha Shah
  • Enforcement of Labor Code Violations (AB 594)